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Scott and Kevin have been friends since they were in Cub Scouts together. They both got their first jobs when they were 14-years old working for Scott’s uncle’s cleaning company, Do Right Building Maintenance in Brighton MA.  Both worked there for several years doing commercial sanitizing and cleaning services. Scott would later move on to restaurant ventilation cleaning and installation,  and Kevin went on to maintenance in a nursing home in South Boston.

The two always stayed close and eventually Scott broke off from the company he was working for and opened One Call Restaurant Ventilation. Kevin soon joined him and the two built one of the most respected and trusted companies in the industry, acquiring customers like MIT, Google, Suffolk Construction, and many other locations.

At One Call, they performed thousands of licensed cleanings, ensuring that there wasn’t a risk of a grease fire and that the kitchen hood system was sanitary and met the standards of both the Fire Department and Health Department Officials daily.

Now with the growing fear of COVID-19 and other virus and bacteria that effect our everyday healthy living, the two have decided to expand on their expertise of cleaning by providing commercial cleaning sanitizing services in Boston and surrounding areas.

They have taken OSHA’s HAZWOPER Training program, acquired the AACC certification for COVID-19, the Advanced Cleaning and Sanitizing  Certificate from the Food Safety of America Institute, the World Health Organization’s Infection Prevention Control Certification and Compliance Training for PPE certified.

Armed with decades of commercial cleaning experience and training they will use hospital-grade, state-of-the-art electrostatic sanitizing technology to sanitize restaurants, hotels, common areas in buildings, condominium complexes, and countless other locations.

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